Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Place to Breathe

I have spent my entire life in IIT Campuses, born in IIT Bombay, brought up in IIT Delhi, graduated from IIT Hyderabad. Not until my adolescence, I realized that the walls around the big 'state of the art' campuses become stiffening. However out there in the city; there are very few places which I find comfortable as a student, and now a graduate (Basically because I have a budget constraint, and I don't like hopping from one cafe' to another). So what does a person like me expect from a city? A place where I can find cheap but good food, free wi-fi, social networking with like minded people (offline, and trust me it is embarrassing to follow a stereotype engineer's idea of social networking), and a couple of cultural events taking place every week.

La Makaan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Even though I never visited this place regularly, due to the remoteness of my campus; every time I was here was a different and new experience for me. Over these brief visits, I came across other entrepreneurs, students from the university, theater artists, photographers, film makers, people who run NGOs, event organizers or just another person who thinks as differently as perhaps you do. The best part; you just bump into them, that's the culture. LaMakaan is an open cultural space; where events like film screenings, recitals, music shows etc. keep taking place every other day; and all at a reasonable price to both the audience and the organizers. There is a Cafe' attached to it as well which serves cheap food and beverages, where I remember drinking cups after  cups of Coffee. Oh yeah! there is free wi-fi also.

Kunzum Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi
I happened to discover this place, when I asked one of my friends for a LaMakaan in Delhi. Apparently my mind doesn't function well and constructively when I am at home lying on my bed; and can't resist myself from Youtubing, or facebooking, or thinking about crap memories which are still fresh. Even though Kunzum is a Travel Cafe where travel freaks get together and share their experiences, and there are loads of travel journals and books on their shelves; I think I may still find like minded people to interact or work with. And well, travel does lie in my like-minded category. Once again free wi-fi; and good riddance from slow IIT internet to the residential area. Their marketing concept is something I really appreciate: 'pay what you like'; which means I can pay whatever I am comfortable with for amazing espresso and cookies, while the foreigners who visit Delhi may be a lot more courteous. :D
Best part: Ambiance with cushions, Travel Photographs, and Andy McKee hits; Can lie their all day long.

I am new to this place; so can't add much.

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