Friday, February 5, 2010

The First Choice

Well, my life has always revolved around choices. For that matter everyone's life is based on choices. You choose this and you face the repercussions. They may be rewarding, ironical, damned or even a joke by the almighty. My life in past few years has developed a fascination towards the choices we make, and what we learn from them. Of how we really deal with the options and opportunities available. In my Introduction to Economics I learnt one important principle:

You always face trade-off while dealing with opportunities. You have to let go of one to take the other one.

For some choices you are brave, and some you always succumb to cowardice. The most amusing fact I find is how we care so much that a choice may govern our entire life. And I realized that we don't have one choice to live our lives. You can't turn back, but a choice is built on choices and you lead your journey on. Yet why is it so strange, if we want to deal with trade-offs. There is always going to be a choice to make your life better once you have ruined it. The following posts are various experiences built on the choices i take.