Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Memories of Home

At the age of 23 there are very few who would be attached to more than one cities as their home. As it is; we enjoy running around in pursuit of our ambitions. However some exceptions like me feel a plunge in nostalgia, whenever they have to move in and move out of cities which they could call home. 

Hyderabad: Even though I have been brought up in Delhi; I would never cease from calling Hyderabad my home. As a kid I was an introvert, an social outcast among peers; and never got the freedom to roam around freely in the city. As a young undergraduate in Hyderabad, even though my campus was miles away from the city; I discovered a life of freedom, friends, carelessness, love and passion. I happened to run to the city every weekend; especially during my last semesters. Inorbit mall and Hi-tech City has memories of me socializing with friends and acquaintances from other college campuses; which otherwise would be quite confined to online social networks which comprise of a major part of a lonely engineer's social life. La-Makaan, Banjara Hills is where I found connections with like minded people; who have taken up full time into photography, music and film-making. My campus; it taught me how to survive, adjust, rejoice and cry in regular life. My baby; Elan (College Fest) still gives me a tint of nostalgia whenever I think of it. And even though I am really really bad on holding on to my past contacts (thanks to my indifferent nature); the thought of my younger brothers in the campus still brings a smile to my face. I still imagine and smile to myself when I ponder upon, how amazing they must have become in practicing guitar, organizing concert, and taking a leap of faith towards entrepreneurship. It's a city where I grew young, which changed me from an ignorant hi school boy to a bit more matured man. 

Mumbai: Always been an escapade. When I get too tired of Delhi, or Hyderabad, I used to run away to Mumbai. The homely touch comes from staying connected with a lot of people; and still finding idle time to reflect back upon my en-devours and what I have been up to. Mood-Indigo, IIT Bombay; always gave me a feel of the culture I wanted to be a part of. Colaba is the place I dream of dining and hanging out if I actually become rich. Wadala for obvious reasons is indeed my second home. Andheri is definitely where I would want to be if I ever become a film-maker, or set up my own production house. Quite surprisingly; while most people crib about the locals there; I somehow love them! Can't imagine going from Dadar to Andheri or CST to Kanjurbhag in half n hour by road. Somehow the times spent in Mumbai ever since I grew young; have been an important turning point in my life. What can I say? perhaps it's in the breeze there.

Delhi: I never really loved Delhi in my initial years from 5 to 17; for I didn't really know what Delhi is. The School, my home and later my coaching was my life. Yes; I do have memories with friends and family in the times I have spent here, but I never regarded Delhi as a place to feel nostalgic about until quite recently when I came back after graduation in May 2012. Loving Delhi; for me is perhaps hanging out in Hauz Khas Village talking and befriending new people; whom you might have never thought that they would become such important part of your life. It's about the events that take place in India Habitat Centre and Mandi house. It's about the food in Chandni Chawk and beer in Canought place. It's perhaps loitering around in Select City Walk or Promenade. It's a place where I decide to do a few things but there are way more distractions. I never felt empty in stomach at the thought of leaving Delhi until recently.

But what's important is important. I don't know where I will be, a few days; or a few months from now. But I certainly hope it's one of my homes!