Sunday, May 27, 2012

'The Corridors' - philosophy

Most of you, who know me; know this as well that I always wanted to write a novel, on the desires of a boy who has been through a journey of graduation. Yes, I know there are Chetan Bhagats and Amitabh Bhagchis who have done so already; but I wanted to approach this from a very different angle. It's about how I lessen the obsession with the protagonist's college; and focus on something bigger. It's about how I can focus upon a network across the city, and how I can spin different fields, different virtues, and different mindsets together. To achieve this goal of mine; I press upon the following aspects which would play an important role in shaping my novel: Philosophy, Place and Culture, Protagonist's mindset, Element of life.

Philosophy - The Corridors
It's a way in which I perceive life. It's an analogy that I derived from my school days. I see life as a journey across the corridors of a school; with doors leading to classrooms on either side. But there is a glitch here; for I wouldn't truly know of the nature of the class, before stepping in and I would just be building assumptions based on what I have heard. The truth is that experiences in each of these classrooms may develop to become the most cherished memories of my life; or on the contrary, the most regrettable. However, if I were to look for the secret of honor; I would take a step into those classrooms and never quit before my time is done, and desires are accomplished or if I am forsaken by my own subjects of belief. There will always be a courageous thought though; that the corridor never ends and that my journey will always have something to teach me at the porch of every door I take.