The TalEx Idea

Honestly, TalEx India is a media, a network through which the youth can empower itself and add value to their lives. Now you would say that it's too vague. True; it is vague, in fact it is supposed to be vague. Why should we narrow down our brand image to something very confined, when there is so much to explore. There are so many constructive activities (the youth, especially the college crowd) is involved with today: freelancing, part time jobs, social work, festivals, parties etc. etc. So we tell ourselves this daily; 'we have to create a useful and meaningful network for the youth; which can add to their creativity and their humane nature'. So it's here that we have decided that; 'we will structure ourselves intelligently and strategically, so that we shall start from a basic idea (focussing on collective journalism) and then slowly interconnect each and every activity innovatively approaching our ideals'. Our brand is an ideal not a service. And this ideal can be worked upon by anyone; so we would stand right next to you, and learn from you, if you are working on similar lines as us; and we would be obliged if you could give us suggestions, ideas, or advices towards what we can do.