Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Briefly with the India Foundation of Arts

With a vision of enriching the practice, knowledge, and public access to the arts and its experience, the India Foundation of the Arts is playing a pivotal role in providing the strategic support for innovative projects and capacity building across the arts. Through its grants to the individuals and organizations, IFA fills up gaps in private and public assistance for culture and arts in India. By providing awards, fellowships and workshops to school teachers IFA strengthens the study of arts in the education system; and through Arts Research and Documentation it supports documentation and archival initiatives in arts (necessary for revival and evolution of arts and culture over time) which were perceived to be at a lower priority at the universities. Under arts education IFA jointly with Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan has initiated a program ‘Kali Kalisu’, which envisions a series of arts capacity building workshops for school teachers in the state of Karnataka. Having employees from various backgrounds such as cultural studies and management, IFA supports activities such as art education, art research and documentation curatorial practices, performance infrastructure and new performance through its grant programs and publishes art journals to promote the arts and reach out to the public.

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