Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Of Complacency!

 As I approach the end of another journey in my life, there are so many questions that irk me and many others day and night. I believe, the fundamental question is that 'How did I get here?', or 'What am I doing wrong?'. Often we might tell ourselves that 'we didn't avail a better opportunity' or 'we didn't work hard enough'. From my perspective, I suppose it's wrong to quantify what we might make of an opportunity as long as we are taking that leap of faith. I think, the true fault is that we grow complacent of our past accomplishments. 

 I believe that it's temporary success that often deludes us, and we stop stretching. I think it's the complacency of assuming to be a big fish in a pond, that we stop competing the sharks and whales in the sea. The arrogance that comes with it prohibits us from listening to criticism. We assume that the world outside our institutions will graciously welcome us. Worse, we settle for lesser options subconsciously because we experience a fear of moving out of the pond and dealing with rejections.

 However, one day you wake up and observe that where that contentment has landed you and  you find yourself and everything that you truly loved in a wreck. Your friends don't recognize you as what you thought you were. You wear a mask, and start believing a lie that everything is alright even when it never was. Inch by inch and all through this time you were losing everything that you were once proud of. And in this humility and shattered arrogance you realize how much you need to build on each of these inches again no matter how hard you thought it was.   

- Article from a close friend of mine!